Meet Our Founder

John R. Saksa, Psy. D., Director

A Psy.D., Clinical Psychology graduate of the University of Hartford in 1998, Dr. John R. Saksa is a nationally recognized clinical psychologist practicing in Connecticut. Dr. Saksa spent more than 15 years at the Yale University School of Medicine where, as an Assistant Professor, he conducted a multitude of research studies utilizing various and differing psychiatric assessment devices. Dr. Saksa is a widely published author having written over 15 highly regarded and extensively cited papers.

During John’s tenor at Yale, he frequently headlined seminars to clinicians and recognized how prevalent mental health problems are in society at large, and unfortunately, how many patients continue to struggle untreated. While thinking about an effective way to address this growing issue, John discovered that mental health treatment would be most easily improved by Primary Care physicians, who see more people than any specialty. However, Primary Care physicians typically like to have some Mental Health Specialty collaboration, and are already too busy to add time-consuming assessments to their practices. To bridge this gap, Dr. Saksa founded ProMeasures, LLC with two goals in mind: Bring objective mental health assessments into Primary Care and easily boost practice revenue.