Why Us

Why should you choose ProMeasures?

Improved Patient Care

ProMeasures provides easy to use mental health diagnostic support to primary care physicians, who are often ideally situated as the most accessible professionals to identify mental health issues in their patients.

Increased Revenue

With average reimbursement of $38 per assessment, a physician who screens 20 patients per day could stand to make an additional $760 per day. That equates to:

Why numbers

Per Week
Per Month
Per Year


of previously unrealized, additional revenue!

The ProMeasures System:

  • Easy to use and designed to be administered by front office staff, having no impact on office or professional expenses
  • Paid for by most insurance companies because it is either a “screening” or a “computerized assessment,” and not a “psychological assessment”
  • Also used to re-assess the patient, for treatment effect, or change scores, and these assessments are typically reimbursed at a higher rate than the screening assessment
  • Provides diagnostic and severity score assistance for the medical provider

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